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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Carving my way through the (fiord)Land of Giants

on the wings (and tails) the last leg of my adventure, i decided that, were i to be suddenly and slyly transformed into an aMiNal, i would be the bastard product of a monkey and a penguin, both playfully and brilliantly mischevious while, at the same time, chill, awkward, and dedicated to keeping those close to me warm and insulated with blubber... (which of course explains why i fill this blog with lies and rants of the imagination) i keeed i keeed

but to tell you the truth, it feels like i have just returned from some imaginary land that humans have yet not touched, some foreign planet where ice swims among mountains, carves them into daunting landscapes that trivialize the man-sculpted works we revere so dearly... and at the end of each of those six days, that planet held me in the midst of its most prized works, engulfed me , hugged by this ever-changing earth, wondering how in *bloody 'ell* any of it is possible and why giants dont exist to help make more sense of the size of things happening there....

i got into queenstown, which was a beautiful, expensive ski resort town that is littered with lots of shops and restaurants, but also scattered with glass blue waterfronts and wonderfully inviting trees that just kind of put an arm around you.... rented a car by myself, and went on my merry way to the glaciers, which are ridiculous and made so much more sense of places like yosemite and how they happened, did a snowy hike, and then wandered around small villages, had beer and watched rugby with bloated old men and then proceeded to sleep in my car to make the expense seem more worthwhile.... got to a really nice lake town the next morning to sky dive, but instead found rain and a pensive french girl.... sooo.... i decided to go !!snowboarding!! on the last day of the season out here, climbing dirt roads in my puttering little nissan sunny only to tumble down the snow-blanketed ones on my my little bum bummy..... soooo goood.... it my first, last, best and only day of the season.... met some german lift operators and had a fluffly blast.... then met the french girl and some friends of hers at a movie theater (that served beer and cookies!! not together though) to watch a twisted new zealand movie about the sexual discovery of a rollie-pollie young lad who likes wearing wigs.... from there, headed out to milford sound, which is actually a fiord (glacier carved valley that is then backfilled with ocean water) , for which i have no words but soon pictures.... so incredibly strange and entertaingly enlightening... i was traveling with that same french girl, Alexsandra, and we did a cruise, picking up a fantastic spanish/portugese guy who has the exact same travel plans and ideas as i, and with whom i clicked immediately, got to practice spanish with, and most definately intend on running into like an unknowingly car-trapped bumblebee does to the window: repeatedly, and each time with a dumbfounded bit of surprise....

so anyway, dropped them off in queenstown, had a night of profuse drinking from tea kettles and outpouring our happiness to have made such close friends so coincidentally and so far away from home.... im back in auckland, drinking fantastic tequila with a mexican from jalisco, waiting for a flight to australia to meet with my lovely russian drandulyetka (for those of you unacquainted with the russian ways, that means peice of shit car) who goes by the name of IGOR!!! very stoked to have a familiar face and the ridiculosities of our complete loss of internal monologue when in any proximity of each other....

so thats that.... been feeling awfully well, healthy, and loved, thanks to the response of so many of you.... keep you own updates coming....

love wisping through the clouds to you all


Blogger Avinash said...

Hello Ash(WIN) beta !

Great to read ur escapades --- they sure read like extracts from one of VS Naipaul's travelogues!!

Keep it up my Tarzan --- keep enjoying ur adventures ---- Kreeeeegaaaah ! ---- Bundolo !!

Avinash mamaji

11:16 PM  
Blogger homes said...

your words carry so much ashwinesque experience even miles and miles away. it's like we're all there doing the same thing, except in a chair looking at a screen.

gua gua

6:50 PM  

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